mini minds logo - Meet The Owner Of Mini Minds Tennis Elliott Mould

mini minds logo - Meet The Owner Of Mini Minds Tennis Elliott Mould

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Mini Minds Tennis – Elliott Mould

elliott mould miniminds 150 - Meet The Owner Of Mini Minds Tennis Elliott MouldI’m Elliott Mould, the founder of Mini Minds Tennis – the tennis programme that gives children the experiences and challenges they need to thrive in life.

My passion is understanding how children learn and develop with a special focus on meta-cognitive practices.

Fundamentally, I believe learning is an organic, experiential phenomenon and by combining meta-cognitive practices and relevant situational challenges we engage both the unconscious and conscious systems. This allows for a self & situational awareness that is vital for sporting development but also transferable learning and personal development skills.

Mini Minds Tennis wraps all of this up in a child-friendly learning situation to make sure they’re engaged with what I believe will be the most important skills for their future!

The creation of Mini Minds Tennis is an expression and solution of my frustration with much of the unsatisfactory world children grow up in. This relates to both my personal experience and that of the children I’ve observed and worked with over the years.

Some of these frustrations are:

  • Children’s Activities being superficial and lacking developmental intent
  • A lack of child champions that really try and understand children’s experiences and problems to then offer solutions.
  • An education system that has little focus on personal development, an absence of child centricity and has faulty assumptions about learning.
  • Societal and Cultural trends rapidly changing in the form of technology, values, diet and overall lifestyle of which the consequences we know very little about.

In my own small way I’ve tried to create a solution to the problems I see and care about:

  • Our activity has developmental intent because it has been designed with developmental stages, themed lessons, supporting resources, child-friendly characters and relevant situational challenges.
  • My coaches and I do our best to be children’s champions. Understanding their unique world and offering help and support where ever we can.
  • We target personal development behaviours through our themed lessons and development booklets. We put the child at the centre of the learning experience. we incorporate personal interests and emotions into the learning experience with continuous reflection.
  • We tune in to how children are thinking and feeling to understand how they’re making choices. We offer them alternatives and try to act as a mentor guiding them to useful behaviours and habits.

mini minds tennis 400 - Meet The Owner Of Mini Minds Tennis Elliott Mould

I’m proud that we’ve managed to create such an environment for children and also that our members recognise its value.

We now have about 200 members in the Weybridge area and operate in several schools and nurseries in the Elmbridge area.

Our biggest achievement is probably our customer retention rate which sits at around 98%. Demonstrating that the children and parents really value what we’re offering.

Parent testimonials capture this:

Both my daughters have been attending Mini Minds Tennis sessions for over 2 years and have gained a number of different skills from the programme, both physically and mentally. Elliott’s passion for teaching is remarkable, my daughters have completely different personalities and Elliott has recognised this and worked with them both in different ways to overcome various challenges through the themed Mind Minds sessions. This method is great as it keeps children with different personality types engaged and builds on life skills that can be used throughout their learning and development and later in life.

mini minds tennis weybridge 400 - Meet The Owner Of Mini Minds Tennis Elliott Mould

We’ve been lucky enough to have some great staff that share this vision and have enabled Mini Minds Tennis to flourish. Most notably coach Tom Cornish who has been there from the very beginning.

Next, we’re looking to scale up the business and see if we can impact more children across the country.

To find out more about Elliott and Mini Minds Tennis visit their website or Facebook page:

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