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The Mini Tennis programme that sets children up for life by developing their inner qualities like drive, focus and belief through themed lessons & situational challenges.

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Meta-Cognition & Themed Lessons

Our Meta-Cognitive teaching and themed lessons help children master some all-important inner qualities in the context of targeted situational challenges for experiential learning. This approach will help your child become an awesome little player with the bonus of some inner strategies that will help them in almost every area of their life.

Our approach is facilitated by some specially developed resources that make learning visual and fun but also give each child opportunities to exercise imagination, self-expression and reflection.

We take a holistic approach to teaching your children tennis with a special focus on developing their awareness of their internal world and the situation around them so they have a self and situational awareness enabling them to adapt and problem-solve any challenge they face.


Where the coach scaffolds the child’s thinking around our lessons themes and learning so that they are making the connections for themselves and internalising the information from their experiences and interpretations.


Coaches are trained to give honest feedback be it negative or positive but in a way that emphasises the learning process so that the child feels empowered and knows how to take their development to the level.

Lesson Structure

Our lessons are broken up into stop and start stages. Games, concepts and reflections are discussed in this time which really cements learning and gives the child a clear understanding of what the aims and objectives of each game are.


Specially designed equipment that allows us to map games and activities to the child’s developmental needs as well as make learning fun and relevant.


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